Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Her Story

My name is Nancy Ezell I have 4 daughters,one of daughters name is Nicole Ezell, I am writing this story on how an unjust sentence can have an ripple effect on your love one's and especially children.
I was sentenced to 65 years prison for less then 13 grams of Cocaine, a street value of maybe $350.00. I've been lock down since April of 98 and have had numerous of major Heart surgeries, costing the tax payers Thousands and Thousands of dollars. You would be shock at the health care bill for me.
Please take a few minutes out of your time to read this before you throw it in the garbage can.

Facts on Prisons and Prisoners you should know;
Blacks represent 12.9% of the total U.S. Population But 39.5% of the U.S. prison population roughly two thirds of female inmates in jails and state and federal prison are women of color.

As of Jan 2007, almost 80% of women and more then 91%of men in prison for drug offense were African American of Latino's even though studies show that Caucasians use, sell and buy drugs in greater numbers than people of color.

Since 1973, the number of women in prison for drug crimes has increased by 825%

Black children are nearly Nine times more likely to have an incarcerated parent in prison (7%), and Latino children (2.6%) are more than three times more likely, than white children ( 0.8% )

About 64% of Mothers in State prison live with their children before prison, compared to 44% of men.

What Happened To Those Children?
Nicole Ezell have 3 children all girls, there ages are 16,14 and 10, When Nicole got sentence to 45 years prison the court also imposed and stayed a 60 year prison sentenced and place the defendant on a thirty (30 ) year period of probation. At the time of Nicole sentence she was 24 years old and her three daughters age was, 5,3 and a new bom which she had at the county jail in Milwaukee and her youngest is now 10. Nicole is now 35 years old.

The first letter that I sent to a lot of the Legislator's with the Title of Action On Racial Disparity, and there was a little girl in the picture asking Can someone tell me why my mother and grandmother have so much time, Well the little girl name is Kayonnie Ezell, Nicole's girl that is now 14 years of age.

What Happened To Those Children?
About a month or so ago, We found out that Kayonnie was getting raped by a 30 year old man for a year or so, She was so shame that she ran away and some of my other family member found her and now she's talking about killing herself, and she was put into a mental center for a day or so because she was making threats to hurt herself, she is now with one of my daughters, but thing is not going well for her at all.

Not Only Do the Mother's Get Punish but It Also Punish the Kids.

I am not saying that it was the county of Milw. Fault that this happen to Kayonnie, because Nicole and I done wrong, We broke the law and we were suppose to get punish, But had we gotten a Just punishment like the European Americans, This night not have happen to Kayonnie.
I Nancy Ezell have sent so many legislator's papers on me and Nicole on Racial Disparity in Sentencing and Only 1 person ever answer me back and that was Senator Taylor and she told me that she could not appear at a court hearing that I thought that I was going to have on Racial Disparity in Milw, but the judges don't even consider Racial Disparity as a new factor.

All the legislator's know that there is Racial Disparity in Sentencing but there is not One that will step up to the plate and get something done about it.

I and my daughter Nicole Ezell are prime example of Racial Disparity in Sentencing, but it is so sad that know one with some power will help us, and I have been sending letters for almost 10 years with No response from any legislators except Senator Taylor and I thank God that at least she writes you back.

Gov. Doyle Commission board was nothing but mere worthless words, the only thing that they did was to acknowledge that there was Racial Disparity in Sentencing, Something that we have always known, But now that you know, There is Nothing that the legislator's or the commission board has done, And the reason that I can say that is Because Me and Nicole Ezell still have the same RIDICULOUS TIME that we started with almost 11 years ago.

Me and Nicole are non-violent offender the crime in no way fits the punishment. I did quite a bit of investigating court records and found out that European Americans with far more severe criminal backgrounds, as well as having been found in possession of greater amounts of cocaine, have been sentenced with great leniency. Disparity in sentencing between African American and others is great, but whoever is reading this letter already knows this, and will not stand up for what is right. I and my daughter were only seeing equity in fairness with our sentence.

Can We Please Stop All The Talk And Do Something About This Racial Disparity In Sentencing, Because it's Not Going To Go Away Like A Bad Nightmare.

It is unfair that one segment of the population suffers more for doing what others in greater numbers do elsewhere. Even less fair would be to make the War on Drugs such a contributor to the cycle of crime and poverty that casualties only keep mounting.

Gov. Doyle your commission board has not done anything for the justice of the people; Every one should be treated equal. The mayor of Milwaukee should know what is going on in his city but he is blind also.

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