Thursday, December 24, 2009

petition rough draft- full petition coming soon.

Below is a petition written by Nancy Ezell. Coming soon will be full petition with addresses and to send letters to and an online petition you can sign.


Dear Tax Payer's:

I ask that you keep an open mind while reading this letter. 1 am writing to solicit your assistance. My name is Nancy Ezell. I'm a 57 year old African American female. In 1998 I was arrested for drugs and sentenced to 65 years prison with a 25 year stayed sentence. Using very poor judgment, I began selling drugs (Cocaine) as a mean of survival, and as fate would have it I was arrested and convicted.

I realize the very nature of what I was doing was wrong and strongly believe that I should have been punished, however I was prosecuted to the very strictest degree of the law. I received a 65 year prison sentence for possession of not quite 13 grams of Cocaine, with the street value of maybe $350.

In 1998 while waiting to get sentence in Milw.County jail I got sick andd to have 5 Heart surgeries ending up having Open Heart surgery. Once sentenced with 65 years prison, It costs the State of Wisconsin at that time over $29,000 per year to house an average inmate without medical conditions . I am a non-violent Offender and I have been lock down for over 11 years, I got 65 years prison for not even $350 street value of Cocaine, I have so many major illness and this can be confirmed by Taychedah Medical department.

From June 05 thru Feb 09 My Total Medical cost for Just those 4 Years are: $250.901.51 and the other 7 years are just as high, That's not including medicine and cost to be in prison nor for staff, My Total cost for the 11 years that I have been lock down is over a Million dollars.

It is much cheaper to put me on GPS monitoring, It would be in the interest of all tax payers, the State of Wis., to grant me a "Compassionate Release" due to my poor health and the money it cost to house and take care of me.

I wish to see my tax dollars going towards education and any alternative programs, instead of continued incarceration of an offender like Nancy Ezell. As a tax Payer we think that this amount of time given to Ms. Ezell is too Harsh.


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